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With all the changes going on in a women’s body when she is pregnant it is an important time to get her spine checked by her chiropractor. As the day arrives to give birth, mothers under chiropractic care can expect to handle the process with decreased stress, quicker labor times, and piece of mind that their bodies are functioning with optimal communication to ensure that everything runs smoothly for them and their newborn.

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When a woman learns her baby has assumed a breech position, she is often left with few options except to wait and see if the baby will turn. This is the point in which some women choose to be proactive and search for ways to help baby find its way into the natural birthing position. This is usually when someone will turn to chiropractic for help.

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic diagnostic and adjustment technique that helps to correct pelvic misalignment and balance pelvic muscles and ligaments. This removes torsion from the uterus and the resultant strain to the baby which had been preventing the baby from moving into the best possible position for birth. There has been a high reported success rate of the baby turning to the normal vertex position in pregnant women presenting breech who have had Webster technique done. This is not an obstetric “breech turning” technique. When the baby is not in the normal vertex position, it indicates that mom’s pelvic joints may not be moving freely.

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