Pinched Nerve

destin chiropractor pinched nerve

A pinched nerve is a severely compressed nerve, often due to a misaligned vertebrae or other body part. When nerves get pinched they get severely inflamed and muscles can spasm causing even more discomfort. The pain is usually so severe that you can’t move that part of the body and it can cause other symptoms as well.  In many cases, a chiropractor is the perfect person to go see to get this treated safely and quickly.  In fact, a pinched nerve is a chiropractor’s bread and butter, a misaligned vertebra or fixated joint is the reason that a chiropractor gets up and goes in to the office in the morning.  The majority of potential chiropractic patients who seek chiropractic care are due to some sort of pinched nerve to some degree.

The chiropractic adjustment can move the fixated joint through it’s normal range of motion and restore normal function to the nerve and affected body part.  The way we operate at Emerald Coast Chiropractic in Destin and Miramar Beach, we employ the use of a wide range of different physiotherapeutic modalities to help alleviate the acute pain and relax tight muscles prior to the adjustment to enhance the effectiveness of the adjustment.   This typically creates a more comfortable patient, quicker results and longer lasting results.

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