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Bed wetting

Bed wetting can be a very traumatic experience for a young child to go through. Often pressure on the nerves traveling to or from the bladder can cause a child to have a problem with bed-wetting. Chiropractic adjustments to the lower back area can relieve pressure on the nervous system and restore balance back to the body.

Destin chiropractor can help bed wetting

Many children have found that chiropractic treatment completely eliminates their bed wetting.

Several research studies have explored the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments on bedwetters. In one such study, 25 % of children who received chiropractic adjustments experienced a 50 % or greater reduction in the number of wet nights.

Chiropractic can help by removing any irritation that may be affecting the nerves that control bladder function. These nerves exit an area of the spine called the Sacrum.  In adults, the sacrum is one large fused bone that is very resistant to injury.  However, during childhood, the sacrum is separated into five individual segments.  If these segments become misaligned, due to a fall or other type of trauma, they can compromise the nerves that are responsible for bladder function.  While chiropractic is not typically a treatment for bedwetting, countless children have been helped by being adjusted.

The traditional chiropractic approach to treating the child who is a bed-wetter is to adjust the spine, usually in the area of the lumbar spine or sacrum. A review of the anatomy and physiology of the bladder may help us understand why these areas are chosen as the prime target.

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