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Safe and Satisfying Birth: Preparation is Best!

All parents-to-be wish for a birth experience that is both safe and easy. Like many major events in life (weddings, graduations etc…) it is unlikely that everything will go 100% according to plan. However, having a plan in place will ensure a smoother and more successful delivery with less panic in the event that something does go wrong

Parenting begins long before the arrival of the baby. With so many decisions and options available, it is imperative to plan ahead! Research your options and choose a plan that works best for you and your family. This will give mother and father peace of mind. Having a plan in place also reduces the feelings of pressure and indecisiveness during the actual birth.

Choosing a team of healthcare providers is truly important to the birthing process. Find a physician and/or birth attendant that is competent and focused on having a safe and natural birth. Having the mindset that birth is meant to be a natural process will channel energy to that process and away from surgical interventions that may not be necessary. Discuss your birth plan with your doctor and make sure you are on the same page! Remember that there may be situations where plan flexibility is necessary so it is important to think about potential complications that may arise during the birthing process, and determine what you want in the event that those changes occur.

What better way to prepare for birth, than to prepare the vessel that delivers the baby—the body! We train for marathons. Why would the very physical event of birth be any different? Exercise during pregnancy is encouraged as long as you do not have major complications. Walking, swimming, jogging and yoga are a few examples of exercises that you can do during pregnancy. Remaining healthy and in shape will strengthen your body as well as increase flexibility and stamina for the delivery process. Exercise will also reduce stress both mentally and physically. So get moving!

 Chiropractic is a wonderful way to prepare your body for delivery and to reduce the discomforts associated with pregnancy. The baby must make his/her way through the birth canal. This can be a difficult process if the body is structurally out of line. An aligned pelvis will make this trip faster and easier on both the mother and baby.

 Remember that not everything always goes according to plan, but that having a plan is more likely to get you an outcome that you desire! Discuss your birthing options and decide what you want for you and your baby. Stand firm in your plan, but prepare for situations that call for a change that may be best for you and your baby.

 Any questions?!

 Kelly J. Donaldson DC, MS

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