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Chiropractic care and colicky babies


We had a case of colicky baby come in to the office yesterday with very satisfactory and hopefully long lasting results.  The mother had been referred to us by her pediatrician and was unsure what we could do to help.  The infant was having daily crying spells of approximately 6 hours at a time with no evident problems.  The baby was screaming loudly once he woke up from his nap.  While adjusting him using only fingertip pressure, the baby relaxed, stopped crying, opened his eyes and just looked around.

Infantile colic is the term commonly used to describe an otherwise healthy infant who exhibits persistent, forceful crying for no apparent reason. The crying usually persists for several hours each day and is usually evident at least five days in each week. Parents’ attempts to comfort the infant by holding and rocking the child, changing the diaper or by offering nourishment have little or no effect on the condition. The affected infant will have a tense, rumbling abdomen, with knees flexed, tight paraspinal musculature and will emit an excessive amount of gas. Occasionally the head and neck will be arched backwards.

Colic affects about 20 percent of all infants with symptoms most commonly occurring at one to four weeks of age and ending spontaneously at around three to four months. The cause of this condition has not been precisely determined, although many infants have been shown to respond well to chiropractic care.

Research studies into the effects of spinal adjustments for infants with colic have shown excellent results. The most significant study of this condition showed satisfactory improvement in over 90 percent of the infants who received chiropractic care.

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2 thoughts on “Chiropractic care and colicky babies

  1. Along with the gentle and safe pediatric chiropractic techniques for the newborn (we use an extremely soft touch to reduce their spinal tension), I recommend an integrative approach to colickiness. Reducing the mother’s intake of wheat, dairy and soy can help as well as taking probiotics to increase the level of good bacteria in both the mother and baby. Various burping techniques and tummy massages can also help move gas through your baby’s system.

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