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Do I Need To See A Chiropractor?

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When a person comes to my office to be seen, they are normally motivated by pain. Pain is not necessarily a bad thing. Pain informs you that something is wrong and needs attention. If you are experiencing pain you can choose to ignore it and hope it will go away, take medications and hope it will go away or do something about it. Pain is a symptom, you can choose to treat the symptom and wait it out or you can determine the cause and correct it. There are times when the body can use a little chemical help with the use of medications and/or herbs. Most people are aware prescription medications have associated side effects with them, just listen to the disclaimer during drug commercials on TV.

The role of chiropractic care in this scenario is to help correct structural misalignments in the spine and surrounding skeletal extremities to allow the proper function of the body. While there are limitations to what a chiropractor can do, if the structural parts of the body are intact, it is highly likely a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors are primary care physicians and can refer you to the proper specialist if needed.

People frequently state, “I didn’t know you worked on ______” (fill in the blank with anything) The human body is a system of inter-related parts that affect the adjoining parts. For instance, structural problems with the feet affect the gait, which in turn affects the knees, hips and pelvis. Structural problems in any part of the body can affect the movement and performance of athletes which explains why most top level athletes have a chiropractor as part of their training staff.

Chiropractors work to improve your health and well being while improving the overall functionality of your entire body. There are over 200 techniques that can be used accomplish this task. If you are not responding to the technique being used, it may be time to shake things up and try something different.

Dr. Whidden is a former U.S. Navy pilot turned chiropractor in Destin, Florida. Emerald Coast Chiropractic, finding solutions to today’s health care issues, Who’s YOUR Chiropractor?

Ken Whidden, DC
Emerald Coast Chiropractic

9 thoughts on “Do I Need To See A Chiropractor?

  1. Well done, doc. You’ve got a nice looking website. It’s refreshing to see other chiropractors stay updated with the blogs, and it’s nice to see your posts are well-thought out.

    Dr. Todd.

  2. Hi Dr. Ken,

    Your website is really coming together, and I do like your approach to what a chiropractor can do for each person who might visit us. Structure = Function right?

    Bill Esteb has a fantastic definition of what a chiropractor does, and he calls it Chiropractic in 100 words or less. I thought I would post it here.

    “Aches and pains are signs that your body isn’t working right.

    Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body works.

    Physical, chemical or emotional stresses produce a defensive posture.

    Muscles contract, locking spinal joints that pinch or irritate nearby nerves.

    Lack of nervous system integrity sets the stage for disease and ill health.

    A thorough examination helps chiropractors find these subluxations.

    Applying a precise force to stuck spinal joints helps the body right itself.

    Health usually returns as repeated visits restore nervous system integrity.

    That’s why chiropractic care has helped millions get well and stay well.”

    Anyways, food for thought, and maybe a bit more ammunition for all of us.


  3. A chiropractor could certainly tell you if he could help you or not. With the absence of trauma and increase of pain when you inhale deeply could indicate a misaligned rib. That’s a problem that is a relatively easy fix.

  4. Chiropractic saves patients money by reducing their need for pain medication. Many drugs merely mask pain without addressing its underlying cause. Chiropractic goes to the root of the problem, helping patients live pain-free without the use of medication. Live well with chiropractic!

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    I bookmarked it.

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