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Ear Infections Successfully Managed Through Chiropractic

We have recently had multiple sets of parents reveal to us the long term results their children received after treatment at our clinic. When someone asks me how many treatments it would take to get results, I usually suggest 5-6 treatments over a 2-3 week period. However, the parents recently reported only 1-2 adjustments has given their child long lasting results even those approaching the decision to have tubes put in their child’s ears.

While I don’t like to criticize medical treatment of a particular health issue, I wish more parents would at least consider conservative chiropractic care of children with chronic ear infections. The adjustment itself is a very gentle manipulation that can save both the parent and child unneeded treatment and expense. While it may not work for everyone, it can be very effective in many cases.

For more information on this topic, go to our website page on ear infections.

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Ken Whidden, DC
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