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Food For Thought Dr. Lee on viruses

In the 1950s, Dr. Royal Lee wrote several articles which pointed out that if your immune system was weak due to diet and lifestyle, you are especially susceptible to viruses like the Coronavirus. He was criticized because he emphasized that the body’s immune response hinges on what we eat.

In recent tests, mosquitoes refused to bite people who were well supplied with vitamin B1. Therefore, it may be inferred that malnutrition now is to be considered a basic cause of malaria”.

“Also, it has been found that lice leave rats and other animals if they are supplied with a better vitamin intake. Fleas were found to leave dogs that were being treated with vitamins for pneumonia”.

If insects, parasites, as well as bacterial and viral invasion are mainly a consequence of malnutrition because of the body’s loss of its ability to fight off these instruments of possible death it would seem we have open Pandora’s Box by interfering with our natural food supply”!

Dr. Lee teaches us that the primary cause of low resistance is the lack of proper foods that strengthen the body instead of weaken it. Dr. Antoine Béchamp and his apprentice Louis Pasteur showed in the1840s that a strong immune system could stop anthrax bacteria dead in its tracks. If your resistance depends upon your diet being high in natural vitamins and minerals, you would think that that would be the first thing the CDC would point out.  Instead, we are in a state of media-driven hysteria about the Coronavirus.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released a paper last week analyzing data from the Chinese equivalent to the CDC of over 72,314 coronavirus cases. The figure as of Feb. 11 is the largest sample in a study of this kind. The observations that were reviewed noted a surprising trend: The fatalities occurred most often in elderly men with pre-existing cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer. As expected, smokers don’t fare well either. That is not to say that this is not a serious illness, but the virus itself, although highly contagious, is not inherently highly lethal.

As the world focuses on coronavirus, a deadly flu has killed at least 10,000 Americans according to MarketWatch • February 9, 2020. Who is MarketWatch? It’s a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, a property of News Corp, which also owns The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

The real issue that should be in the headlines is not about how to stockpile supplies or the effect on the stock market, but rather how to optimize resistance to not only this virus but viral diseases in general.

Certainly, hand washing, staying away from those with weakened immune systems when you are sick, and getting adequate rest and exercise is good advice. But what should be the role of the health care professional – to provide time-tested, practical, and cost-effective recommendations that address the integrity of immune response system and supports the patient’s nutritional needs.

The first recommendation might surprise you, because it is so easy and obvious. Dr. Lee writes in Water – the First Step to Health:

“Spring or well water is the best for drinking because hard water contain minerals like calcium bicarbonate. Calcium bicarbonate is essential in the blood stream to prevent our children from becoming susceptible to colds, flu and other childhood diseases like chickenpox and even polio, which produce fevers.

Good water” has been filtered through the ground to reach the well or spring and has thereby accumulated a load of antigens. These antigens are otherwise known to science as “pyrogens,” since they cause fever if injected into the blood stream.

More simply they are the residue of disease-producing microbes, and by drinking them we develop an immunity to the germ or virus that put them into the water. In foreign countries where polio and other childhood diseases are relatively nonexistent, the blood stream of children has been found to be loaded with antibodies to these diseases.

These children were immunized the natural way, not by a shot of Salk vaccine. It is very probable as shown by Dr. Weston Price’s study that their diet of unrefined natural foods has supplied the necessary factors to make antibodies responsible for their freedom from polio or other similar diseases.

Dr. Lee emphasized the importance of calcium to the immune response. He also showed how white sugar and other refined carbohydrates interfered with vitamin B complex, vitamin E complex and calcium metabolism. So it makes sense to incorporate nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods to build a strong resistance to Coronavirus and other viruses. Dr. Page’s Fundamental Food Plan emphasizes colorful vegetables, unprocessed oil/fat sources, and highly bio-available proteins. That’s what the body needs for a strong immune system!

The Page’s Fundamental Food Plan can be downloaded free from www.patient-info.Info. Dr. Pottenger and Dr. Page proved that these food choices directly affect blood calcium, which in turn is critical for immune responses.

Unfortunately, even mineral-rich spring water and the Page Fundamental Food Plan may not be enough to overcome modern-day stress, chemicals, toxins, mutated microbes, etc. Supplemental intake from Mind Zymes is nearly always advisable.

First and foremost, the integrity of the intestinal immune system (also called GALT, gut-associated lymphatic tissue) must be prioritized, as it contains far more immune-related cells than any other location in the body. Prebiotics such as inulin that promotes the balance of a diverse microbiome, and probiotics such as lactic acid yeast offset the modern day industrially processed foodstuffs.

Next, a strong adrenal response is needed, as this is an early defense to infection. One of the best choices for this is Cataplex ACP because it supports a healthy mucosal membrane barrier and adrenal function.

Then we need to create an immune response that is effective and efficient. An imbalanced immune response (or an excessive immune response) leads to prolonged and excessive symptoms, and potential collateral damage or a persistent immune response, such as autoimmunity experienced during the peak infection. Immediate considerations: Immuplex, Thymex, Cod Liver Oil rich in vitamin A and D.

Early intervention can start with Congaplex, Echinacea Premium, and herbal formulas targeted at the respiratory tract such as Andrographis Complex, Astragalus Complex, Broncafect, PulmaCo, ResCo, and/or Sinus Forte may be helpful.

Herbs are used in most cases as a short term targeted support and will not compensate for Dr. Lee’s original deficiency concept of vitamins and minerals supported by a protomorphogen.

For some patients, high dose ascorbic acid or ascorbates are often used and in the short term, this fraction of the Vitamin C complex has been shown to be helpful in viral infections like the Coronavirus.

Dr. Melvin Page found a 1000mg of ascorbic acid with rose hips was found in the bloodstream for 1½ to 2 hours. 75mg of food-based vitamin C complex was active for up to 6 to 7 hours. Remember: Long-term use of an isolated fraction of a vitamin will deplete other co-factors from the body. Ascorbic acid and ascorbates are no different.

So do as Dr. Lee recommended, drink good quality spring water that hasn’t been run through a reverse osmosis system that removes all of the minerals, use the Page Food Plan and eat plenty of those organic green leafy vegetables. Start on a good supplement program that will support the immune system and those deficiencies for the long-term.

Eating the right foods in the first place makes everything work better. Remember Dr. Lee’s battle cry “food is therapeutic no matter what the FDA says”.