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destin massageSo, you’ve decided to come in to get a thirty or sixty minute massage and either you’ve never had one or never had one in a chiropractic office.  Since some folks don’t know the procedure or not sure about proper etiquette, here is your massage therapy primer or Chiropractic Massage Therapy 101.

Once you come in (hopefully a few minutes prior to your scheduled time) you will be asked to complete a very abbreviated amount of paperwork, giving us your contact information and areas of concern.  You will then be escorted to your room by one of our licensed massage therapists.  They will review your paperwork and try to determine your areas of concern and brief health history.  They will then leave the room after advising you to disrobe down to your comfort level.  Some areas of the body can be more easily accessed if you are fully disrobed and most people do disrobe completely.  They will indicate whether you need to be face up or face down to start and will not re-enter the room until you are ready and under the sheets.

Our massage therapists are fully trained to respect your modesty and address your musculoskeletal issues to enhance your quality of life and health care goals.  Your short escape from today’s life stress may be the only quiet time you have all day.  They understand that some patients like to talk and others simply like to relax and go to their happy place in their mind.  We train our therapists to “speak only when spoken to”.  Don’t be afraid to tell them if the massage pressure is too light or too much.

Once your time is up, you will be left alone to recover your senses and your body so that you face the rest of your day with renewed vigor and possibly a better attitude.

While tipping is not a requirement, they do accept and appreciate gratuities.  The work they do is very physically demanding and delivered with the hope that your health has been enhanced in the process.  We have several therapists on staff.  Please feel free to try another therapists on your next visit.

Contact our office at 850-654-1850 to schedule your next massage.

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