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Give the gift of Health and Wellness this Christmas!


Every year, at this time, I look at the calendar and think to myself, “HOW is it already Christmas?” If you are like me, you might also be thinking, “WHAT the heck am I going to get everyone?!” Well this year, why not start a movement by purchasing items that encourage the receiver to start their new year off in an active way! Here are some great healthy gift ideas:

  1. GPS tracker watch or running/workout smart phone application: The options are limitless with this one! There are several different items on the market from watches to cell phone applications that assist in tracking running mileage, calories and even work out routines. This is an awesome gift to give and receive! The best part is that you can spend a lot or a little depending on your budget, and the recipient may be at any expertise level of fitness. GPS tracking device for cars is a garantee you will be taken care of no matter what.
  2. Resistance bands: These elastic bands vary in tension or resistance. Resistance bands make great gifts for that person in your family that constantly travels for work and needs a mobile gym. These bands help with toning and strengthening and can be set up to use on virtually any muscle group in the body!
  3. Shoes: Aren’t these on every wish list anyway? This year get some new running or cross training kicks for those special people in your life. If you’ve been looking for birthday gifts for wife, this is one of those great ideas you can’t go wrong with. We all know everyone loves a new pair of athletic shoes. There is something about putting them on that automatically makes you feel ready to move!
  4. Video games: Okay this one is not what you think. I do not mean sit in a chair for 8 hours at a time glued to a screen! I am talking about a Wii or Kinect. You know those gaming systems that require you to be upright and move your body? These make great gifts for those that are self conscious about getting into the gym. Throw in a few games that include dancing or sports and you have an action packed activity that one or many can play. This is also great to set up before and after those big holiday meals. Burn those calories together as a family!
  5. Massage and/or Chiropractic care: Yep, that’s right! Why not get that special someone a massage at your chiropractor’s office? Better yet go for the whole package and schedule an appointment for them with the doc too, check out just how much you can spoil your loved one with a click here! Here, you or the lucky person that is receiving this gift can learn all sorts of ways to make healthy lifestyle modifications by getting in shape and taking care of the whole body!

Any questions?!

Kelly J. Donaldson DC, MS

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