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Tips for the Mud Run Newbie

spartanSo, you’ve decided to run your first mud run.  Either you were the instigator that convinced your friends that it would be FUN!!!  or you have a persuasive friend that convinced you that it would be FUN!!!  In either case, you or your persuasive friend would be right, but there are a few things that you may want to know to make your adventure  more enjoyable.

Train for the run.  You should be able to run at least the distance of the course.  There will be obstacles along the route, and you may find some of these challenging, but you will probably not be running through this stage.  Some bodyweight exercises would be helpful to increase your upper body strength.

Run with a buddy or a group.  This can make the event more fun when enduring the course.  Remember, misery loves company.  There will also be witnesses if you decide to skip an obstacle.

Dress for Success.  Wear thin,  tight fitting, performance fabrics that can dry quickly.  If you wear loose fitting, cotton sweats, once they get wet, they will become heavy, sloppy and make your day harder than it needs to be.

Put Thought into the Right Shoes.  Your shoes will get very muddy, so don’t wear new ones.  Many people donate their shoes to charity post race to avoid finding out that they can’t get them clean.  Double knot your shoe strings and don’t duct tape them to your feet.  Some people use Vibram Five Finger Shoes as they can be be cleaned pretty easily.  Wear thin ankle socks as tall knee socks will become ankle weights once they become wet and muddy.

Pack a Bag.  Bring a plastic garbage bag to put your muddy clothes in after the race.  This will save the interior of your car.  Bring some clothes to change into for the post race party that you don’t mind getting dirty.   There will be showers after the race, but you will be finding mud packed in strange places on your body for several hours after the race.  Bring some flip flops for once you get get out of your muddy shoes, you don’t want them on the feet again.

Bring a Camera.  Either have a non running buddy take pictures or put a camera in the gear check locker so that you can immortalize yourself and your muddy buddies on Facebook.

Have fun, don’t avoid the mud, you paid good money to get muddy.


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