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Regular exercise and regular chiropractic care: The connection

destin chiropractor spinning

destin chiropractor spinning

The purpose of any form of exercise in addition to the sheer enjoyment of vigorously using your body in the way it was designed to be used, is to improve health and performance now and for years to come. However, exercising at high level requires your musculoskeletal system to be functioning efficiently and effectively. Nerve interference can irritate spinal nerves and cause certain limitations to rear its ugly head, resulting in painful spinal mobility, tight and painful muscles, and a variation of spinal stresses that will be placed on the ligaments that surround our spine and other joints in our body. These structural issues can have a negative impact on your performance level and if left untreated will slowly, but surely result in a decrease in activity levels and result in future injuries. Regular chiropractic care can detect and correct these sources of irritation, preventing interference and allowing you to perform at your optimal level.

With exercise activities such as, but not limited to, yoga, running, cycling (if with instructor – make sure he is licensed at certification courses for spin instructors), walking, strength training, swimming, or pilates, regular chiropractic care can facilitate enhanced performance and physiological benefits that will help you achieve the most out of your exercise.

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