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Emerald Coast Chiropractic
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by Cynthia Miller on Emerald Coast Chiropractic
Great Results

Want to say Dr. Rosado helped minimize my chronic back pain. We are from Ohio and I have DDD and lumbar stenosis for over thirty years. A week and half before leaving Ohio to come to Destin I turned the wrong way and inflamed my low back again. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get relief. Advil, Tylenol, muscle relaxers, walking, ice, rust. Usually I can get it to quiet down but not this time. So I called and HE SAW ME THE SAME DAY I CALLED! And I got 80% relief by the time I left his office. So now I’m walking and icing and doing much much better. Able to enjoy our time here. Thank you Dr. Rosado!

by Jimmy C. on Emerald Coast Chiropractic
HIGHLY recommend

I cannot express enough the amazing work by the staff at Emerald Coast Chiropractic. I have been a patient since January of 2015 and the care that I have received is beyond exemplary. The staff is always accommodating, caring, and invested in ME. I truly feel comfortable and at ease knowing that the staff is taking such great care of me. From the smiling face of Glo as I enter for my appointments to the thorough care that I receive from Jennifer in massage therapy and the attention to detail by the doctors. I highly recommend Emerald Coast Chiropractic!

by steve jones on Emerald Coast Chiropractic
didnt belive in them

I just happen to stumble upon their advertisement and thought I would take time to send in a review and Don't normally ever do. I'm 72 to start with. Male and set in my ways. I few years a go I strain my back. We all do it. Bit the pain just wouldn't go away. I went to my family doctor, Yep he gave me a script for muscle relaxant . Worked, Good. But after a while it came back. Went bac to my doctor, Again pills and if it comes back we might need to operate. We've all been down that road right. Well the wife had been nagging me to go to a chiropractor . Know fricking way am I going to one of those bone crackers ant never been and ant going to happen ant wasting my time or money. Well back pain has a way of humbling a 295 pound man down. Okay You guys understand after a time of " I don't want to hear it about your back, You want go to a chiropractic and give it a try, So suck it up butter cup " SHE made an appointment for me and I went in. First treatment well okay, Second one great and after the third one I was impressed " Okay so I'm hard headed and I was wrong. And yes I highly recommend them and do. So and old dog can learn something new. But I still cant swallow a raw oyster.

by Vee on Emerald Coast Chiropractic
Pulse Survivor

I just want to thank everyone at Emerald Coast Chiropractic for all they have done for me. I was one of the Pulse Victims who was involved in the largest shooting massacre that occurred in the history of the US. I was one of the victims trapped in one of the bathrooms of the club and the things that I endured that night I will never forget. Bedside the emotional and mental injuries I occurred I also injured my back from that night. Prior to coming to Dr. Whidden I was in constant pain because of my back due to the horrific event that occurred, but I didn't want to complain because others whom were there that night got it far worse than I did, and I didn't want to complain. After being a patient at the clinic Dr. Whidden has helped me not be in constant pain. I want to thank Dr. Whidden and his staff for being so great. Everyone who worked there was so kind and the truly care about the well being of their patients. Although I have a long road ahead of me both mentally and physically I want to thank Dr. Whidden for helping me not be in constant pain.

by David Roberts on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

I've been using Emerald Coast Chiropractic since 2002 and have never been disappointed. Dr. Ken always finds the problem and takes away the pain. I have also used his massage practice. Truly a real relaxing moment in my day.

by John on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

Don't tell Dr. Summer Turner I said this, but she is extremely talented at her craft! Okay, you can tell her because she needs to own it. I've never had a chiropractor so attentive and caring as Dr. Turner. The problem was identified, instant treatment (effective), and a solid course of action for preventative maintenance. Highly recommended.

Thank you Dr. Turner,

Former Army Ranger/Current SWAT guy

by Heather on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

Emerald Coast Chiropractic fit me in on a VERY last minute call. I was having some pretty bad knee problems and was scheduled to run a 1/2 marathon in two days. Dr. Whidden took time to talk with me about my issues and give me some tips that might help in the future. He gave me an adjustment and RockTaped my bad knee and within the hour most of my pain had subsided. My race went wonderful the next day with no pain afterwards. Wonderful staff, caring and very knowledgeable.

by Rex on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

Hey Dr Ken Whidden and staff. This is your wild and awesome patient Rex. This post is to state to you how much the treatment you provide me has made me a successful athlete. After 3 back to back 1/2 Marathons and my first Trail Ultra 50 k I have recovered and am ready for another. Based on that statement I just registered for a 50 k Trail in less then two weeks. You have continued to provide me with the ability to preform at the highest level. Thanks to you sir and all of the excellent trained staff. This includes the Massage Therapist as well. Keep pushing forward and hard.

by Gloria on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

All family bias aside, Dr. Ken is by far my favorite chiropractor! I've never known someone so in tune with what people need to feel better, and so good at adjustments no matter what your problem might be. When I moved here a little over five years ago, I'd been experiencing migraines every 2-3 weeks that wiped me out for a couple of days at the time. With his care and concern in finding the cause instead of masking them with medication, I am finally migraine-free. I've not had even a glimmer of one in five years and counting!

by Colleen on Emerald Coast Chiropractic

Dr. Whidden is the best! He is truly gifted, and always knows just how to "fix" me! As a personal trainer, I need my body to be fine tuned, and he does an amazing job. Recently he helped me with a speedy recovery after a car accident where I fractured my pelvis. He was able to give me some much needed relief. Thank you Dr. Ken!!

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